Friday, March 5, 2021

World Day of Prayer 2021

 Our God,

You are the one foundation,

the unshakeable rock to your worldwide church,

the reason and focus for our denominations, organisations, family and faith, actions and attitudes.

May we anchor ourselves in you.

Let us accept the changes we sometimes fight, knowing your plan is perfect and you will stabilise us through all light and shadow, every peak and valley.

Rising seas and deadly winds tear lives apart for our Pacific hosts but they are strong in you, their faith is persistent and they show us the way.

Reward and strengthen them.

We experience strength through your love

your love flows to us and from us, changing hearts,
transforming lives.

We build on you.

I was asked to write a prayer for World Day of Prayer. The host nation is Vanuatu. 


Alphie Soup said...

A prayer for Vanuatu. One that could easily be transferred to any other Pacific island with out loss of meaning.
I was reminded of time spent in Port Vila where a friend was then living. It was Sunday and we visited an oasis of cool, outside town. The day was drawing to a close, we realised we'd left it late to get a PV back to town. My friend cadged a ride with a group of young men in their van. On the way they sang, in beautiful harmony, Nearer My God. All these years later and I still remember.

Alphie Soup said...
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kylie said...

That's a beautiful memory, alphie. My son in law is from Vanuatu and I think is a little stunned by our unenthusiastic singing in this country